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Bernd Rinser – Vinyl/CD

Bernd Rinser has taken his time. He hasn't released a new album
since 2010. So suspense has been building about what's to come.
And it’s worth the wait! Because now in 2018 he’s releasing three
of five albums on his own label, Driftwood: Evil, Wild & Blue
Street Dog Blues and Split Pea Shell each in LP format including
CDs in a high quality gatefold cover. Many Roads To Travel and
Love Divine are to follow in 2019/20.

It is now possible to order the first 3 LPs including CDs as a set >> Shop
This set is only available in the webshop and at concerts.

>> About the set of 5 albums
>> Production timeline
>> Artwork Album Set

Bernd Rinser Evil, Wild & Blue
Evil, Wild & Blue

Side A
1. Walking The Streets at Night #1
2. It Ain't Me #2
3. Silver Spoon Song
4. No More
To The Peregrines #1 – CD only

Side B
1. Famous Assholes
2. Let's Do The Best
3. Evil, Wild & Blue – acoustic version
4. The Chapel – acoustic version
5. To The Peregrines #3

>> Artwork Evil, Wild & Blue
>> Video

Bernd Rinser Street Dog Blues

Street Dog Blues

Side A
1. Hangin' On Your Hook
2. Get Your Business Straight
3. Management Blues

Side B
1. Gonna Have A Hard Time
2. To Learn The Ways of Love – acoustic version
3. Luck

>> Artwork Street Dog Blues
>> Video

Bernd Rinser Split Pea Shell

Split Pea Shell

Side A
1. Got You
2. Love Is
3. Split Pea Shell
Drab Days – CD only
4. If
Turn off The Tap – CD only

Side B
1. Missin' One
2. Crescent Moon
3. Maybe Close To Heaven
4. Peace of Mind

>> Artwork Split Pea Shell
>> Video

Bernd Rinser – RootsRock

Got You

Uwe Knüppel: upright bass, electric bass 2/7, bowed bass 5
Sebastian Schwarzenberger: spanish guitar, electric guitar, electric slide guitars
Bernd Rinser: vocals, acoustic guitars, dobro, harmonicas, production,
composition, arrangements

Mike Kullack: percussions, drums, recording, mix, mastering

Bernd Rinser – RootsRock

Southern Swamp Impressions

Uwe Knüppel: upright bass all tracks
Jim Klopfenstein: bowed upright bass 11
Sebastian Schwarzenberger: electric guitar 4, dobro 7/8/12
Thomas Klees: electric slide guitar 7, electric guitar 8
Christoph Slidin John: dobro 3/11
Rainer Wöffler: dobro 6
Uli Oechsner: mandoline 4, pedal steel guitar 5
Mike Kullack: washboard 7/10, percussions 3/4, recording, mix, mastering
Bernd Rinser: vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonicas, lap steel 3, drums 1,
production, composition, arrangements

Bernd Rinser – RootsRock

Peace Of Mind

Uwe Knüppel: upright bass
Sebastian Schwarzenberger: electric guitars, dobro, acoustic guitar soli
Bernd Rinser: vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonicas, percussions,
production, composition, arrangements

Uli Oechsner: mandoline, lap-steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo
Mike Kullack: percussions, drums, kettledrums, recording, mix, mastering

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